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We are not merely a lighting provider,
we are more than that!

We are also a training provider for our customers and Malaysia’s Top Universities and Colleges!

Appropriate training and frequent product updates are an imperative for our customers to cope up with rapid technological upgrades in various industries. We also understand that the lack of sufficient knowledge will result in a huge waste of resources, time and money. In order to minimize the wastage and maximize the efficiency of our fellow customers, TMS Lite is always here to provide relevant, helpful training to equip our customers with the necessary knowledge to gain advantage in the market.

Topics Covered:

1. Fundamentals of Machine Vision
2. Lighting Application & Practical Knowledge
3. Accessories - Polarizers, Diffusers, Brackets, Filters, Controllers
4. Cameras (by invited speaker from several industrial camera provider)
5. Lens Selection & Calculation (by invited speaker from several industrial lens provider)
6. Software (by invited speaker from several industrial system integrator provider)