LC-20 Controller With Multi Angle Illumination


LC-20 Controller With Multi Angle Illumination


To package the controller and multi angle/ illumination together.


Items List

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1 LC-20-SQ-16CH-A1
2 Adaptor 24V (PS : 11.6A)
3 Power Cord - US / UK / EU (3 Options)
4 Power Cable
5 Lighting Extension Cable (EXT-24V-F-3M)
6 MA-IDD-X-225D40-8-RGBW-24V



LC-20-SQ-16CH-A1 consists of 16 channels with individual settings for each channel. This controller is paired with the lighting which is multi angled



  • Support software control
  • Single trigger signal can trigger all illumination channel
  • Lighting consists of RGBW colour in different angle which can support colour application and angle application



  • Plug and play
  • Programmability
  • Convenience as suitable controller and lighting are packed together

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Assembly Video


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