F-DXX SERIES – Diffused Angular Illumination

Provide diffused uniform illumination over a square surface,which prevents glare during reflective surface inspection. This illumination product is suitable for inspection of square or rectangular work piece. The lightings are available in packages where 1 model comes with 5 types of diffusers as mentioned below.

Applications: Character Recognition on Shining Surface,Lead Inspection


Model Colour

Voltage (V) /

Watt (W)

Current Weight (g)

Royal Blue

12V / 7.20W 600mA 325
Blue 12V / 8.04W 670mA
Azure 12V / 7.80W 650mA
Green 12V / 6.00W 500mA
Lime 12V / 5.76W 480mA
Amber 12V / 5.04W 420mA
Red 12V / 5.28W 440mA
White 12V / 5.76W 480mA


Model Drawing (2D) DXF (2D) STEP (3D) Datasheet
F-DXX-00-120-8-X-FWNA-12V (NICHIA 17AT) R/G/B/W:
2D View
2D View
3D View Data Sheet - FWNA


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