FIBX2 Series


FIBX2 SERIES - LED Fibre Light Module

FIBX series is an integration of the HBF series illumination (WP) or COB lighting series illumination (WP & WW) and a controller. This integrated form provides easy installation and is suitable for fibre optic illumination.

FIBX2 Series

Model Colour Watt (W)

Weight (g)

FIBX2-WP-YY 7W 1100
FIBX2-WP/WW-YY 28.8W 1000


- "YY" stands for Power Cord

- Build in power supply


Power Cord :

- UK (240VAC)

- EU (220VAC)

- US (110VAC)

Model PDF (2D) DXF (2D) STEP (3D) User Manual
FIBX2-WP-YY 2D-view 2D-view 3D-view User Manual
FIBX2-WP/WW-YY 2D-view 2D-view 3D-view User Manual


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